Avaya CCR (Customer Call Reporter)

Modern businesses understand how communications can enhance customer service and productivity. A wealth of information is available, however many business struggle to collect, track and transform this information into useable data. This has now been made easy with the help of Avaya CCR (customer call reporter. This application can provide information or all  Agents and Supervisors in a real time, allowing for better decision making instantly as well as historically.

Whether a business has a traditional call centre or simply people who answer phones, valuable data in customer calls can help improve customers’ experiences and deliver greater revenue and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Avaya CCR is available with IP Office Advanced Edition, and can be used to transform your customer contact centre, by providing a wealth of information through intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces and tools.

Capabilities of Avaya CCR

Real-time Access to Information – Supervisors get point and click, drag and drop convenience for real-time information by agent or group of agents or to set alarm notifications and automatically deliver customized reports.

Through customisable views set by their supervisor, agents can see a wide range of information to help them budget their time based on workload, call queues and agent availability, including number of calls on hold or in progress, lost calls, number of agents logged in/out, and more. When an agent knows that no callers are waiting in queue, he or she can spend more time with customers building relationships, generating more revenue, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Customizable Reports – Customer Service Supervisor offers easily customized reports to display specific information that is most relevant to the business:

  • Create a caller identification report to see where the most (or fewest) calls originate from (by area code, country code, prefix, etc.)
  • See how many calls have been taken over a period of time, the length of calls, and more
  • Set and adjust thresholds to trigger alarms to suit changing objectives and campaign targets
  • Schedule automatic report delivery in preferred formats

Detailed, actionable data helps Supervisors schedule staffing for peak times, provide relevant agent training (including recording and archiving of calls for later review) and to improve overall business performance.

ccr dashboard
Avaya CCR (Customer Call Reporter) provides customer service reps and their supervisors with the tools to effectively handle call volumes and gather and report valuable customer intelligence to help increase sales and agent productivity.

Advanced Edition helps businesses take customer service to a higher level:

Assess agent productivity – Customer service supervisors can gather current and historical data and generate reports to gauge the productivity of agents.

View agent status – Customer service reps and supervisors can get real-time information on call queues, hold times, agent status and more to help ensure customers are always being serviced quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Call quality assurance – Customer service supervisors can listen in and monitor an againt’s performance.  Supervisors can provide coaching directly to the agent during a live call without the customer hearing to ensure quality standards are being met.

Manage campaign performance – Growing businesses can get real-time insights into how marketing campaigns are performing so resources can be adjusted in necessary to maximize investment.

Advanced call recording archival and retrieval – Call recording can positively impact customer service and revenue.  It can also enable more meaningful training sessions.  Calls can be easily and securely retrieved from any PC.

Automate popular inquiries – Free up valuable time for customer service reps by providing customers with easy-to-use caller menus for fast, efficient responses to commonly-asked questions.  Callers can respond with touch-tone or voice response (or both).  Create customized surveys.  Retrieve information the same way voicemail messages are replayed.

Create self-service menus – Improve responsiveness to customers and continue generating revenue even outside of normal business hours.  Customized, automated self-help menus allow customers to place or changes orders, chieck status of shipments and more!

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