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Informed buyers know the range of Avaya telephone systems is the ONLY choice when it comes to buying the world’s #1 phone solution. The Avaya IP Office 500 business phone systems use software driven technology and provides a range of telephones and applications for business. Avaya IP Office provides powerful Networking, Unified Communications, Mobility and Call Centres. That’s why Avaya phone systems are used by over 85% of American Fortune 500 companies.

onex mobile

One-X Mobility

As mobility becomes the rule rather than the exception, mobile communications strategies are evolving from convinient reachability to delivering tools that maximize individual and team performance.

Whether traveling, teleworking from a partner’s office, or roaming the main campus for meetings, Avaya one-X® Mobile lets a user quickly connect to the right people, at the right time. Users of this unified communications application can access enterprise communications from a wide selection of mobile devices, including high-end smart phones and tablets. A choice of one-X Mobile clients is available for popular platforms including Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, and Nokia/Symbian.
Through integration with Avaya one-X® Client Enablement Services, one-X Mobile users have access to a broad range of Unified Communications capabilities such as visual voicemail, corporate directory, aggregated presence, VIP lists, and synchronized call logs and contacts. Avaya one-X Mobile gives users single number/single identity for both inbound and outbound calls, even when using personal devices.
Avaya also offers the Avaya one-X® Mobile Lite client, which delivers the Avaya Extension to Cellular feature set through a graphical interface without requiring the deployment of a client server. In addition, the Avaya one-X® Mobile SIP for iOS client provides users access to their enterprise communications (SIP only) from Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad via a WLAN or cellular data network.


Avaya one-X® Mobile

Go mobile and take your Unified Communications—and user profile—along with you. Regardless of what device you are using, callers see one number when you call and use one number to reach you: your business number. Move calls seamlessly from desktop to mobile and back.


Avaya one-X Mobile’s Features and Benefits

  • Be more reachable
    Reduce the chance of missing important calls by simultaneously ringing the deskphone and up to four other devices. Seamlessly transfer calls between mobile devices and the deskphone or computer-based software client for true, one-number portability.


  • Increase productivity
    Optimize opportunities for collaboration by taking advantage of presence and availability indicators. Use visual voicemail, consolidated call logs, unified contact lists, and access to corporate directories for fast, easy, context-based communication. Take advantage of VIP lists to allow only key callers to reach you, minimizing interruptions during off-hours or critical meetings.


  • Reduce costs
    Reduce mobile charges by routing all outgoing mobile calls through the enterprise network. Single number reach sends inbound mobile-device calls to an enterprise voice mailbox, enabling access to messages through landlines and enterprise networks. Additionally, visual voicemail allows low-cost data download of voice messages instead of more costly dial in to the voice mailbox.

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