Samsung Applications

Link your business phone systems with your PC with thanks to Samsung’s new CTI technology. Offering email gateway, call centre capabilities, IP softphone applications and much more, your  phone systems will increase your staff efficiency and productivity.

With Samsung’s OfficerServ Email Gateway you’re able to access and manage all faxes, emails and voice mail messages from your email inbox, simplifying your inbound communications.  Samsung also simplifies inbound calls with OfficeServ Operator, allowing business operators and receptionists total control and management solutions of incoming calls.

Samsung Xchange

Samsung Xchange has been developed to provide you with easy-to-use technology that enhances not just your organisation’s productivity but also lets you work much more collaboratively. Whether you are a small office with one site or a large organisation with multiple sites, using Xchange always lets your users have access to everything they need to communicate efficiently.


The Samsung WE VoIP solution is a smartphone application specifically designed for business users working not only remotely, but also in-house. This tool incorporates a 3G dialler, HD voice technology and WLAN handover capabilities to bring professionals a simple, hassle-free user experience and provide a clear telecommunications service

OfficeServ EasySet

OfficeServ EasySet enables a user to configure the keyset used at their PBX station through a PC screen-based display, rather than by using the MMC(Man-Machine Code) commands via the keyset keypad.

OfficeServ Operator

OfficeServ Operator is an easy to use PC-based console specifically designed for frontline staff (operators) so that they can handle high volume call traffic as smoothly as possible. OfficeServ Operator works in conjunction with the Samsung OfficeServ handset.

OfficeServ IP Softphone

OfficeServ IP Softphone is a PC-based application for mobile professionals and telecommuters that provides full handset and telephony functionality at the click of a button without the need for a physical phone. Softphone users can log in from home, interstate or overseas across a broadband connection and simulate their office environment with full telephony functionality.