Zeacom Communications Center (ZCC) A Truly Unified UC Solution.


Most Unified Communications vendors have created their product by integrating different pieces of software into a single offering. Zeacom offers applications on the a single server: ZCC is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations with up to 2500 desktops and between 5-500 contact center agents.

On a single server ZCCĀ brings together presence, unified messaging, mobility, desktop telephony, the contact center, operator console functionality and much more into one application. As a result of our unique approach, ZCC also provides one reporting engine and one administration environment.

Zeacom UC is a great solution for Avaya IP Office and Cisco UC Manager & UC Manager Express phone systems.


Here’s How Zeacom Beats Its Competitors

Zeacom offers you something that other market leaders find hard to match – more simplicity.

Our UC solution was built on one single source code, from the ground up. We didn’t buy different parts of the UC puzzle from various suppliers and merge them through forced integration.

Zeacom Communications Center is truly unified. Our ‘ZCC = 1 + 1 + 1′ formula gives us a huge advantage. We can provide UC through one server, one application and one administration interface.

  • ZCC is a single server product, while most other UC products in the market require separate servers*, using different code bases.
  • ZCC brings together Unified Messaging, mobility, conferencing, desktop telephony, contact center, operator console functionality and much more, in a single application. Most competitors offer similar functionality but in multiple product offerings. Each has a different user interface and each requires a different server.
  • ZCC offers a single administration environment, so that IT Managers only administer one interface.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Ideal for SMEs

Because Zeacom reduces complexity, we can provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). ZCC is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations with up to 2500 desktops and between 5-500 contact center agents.

Our single server solution delivers all the large enterprise UC functionality SMEs need, but at a small enterprise price**.


Unique Features that Stand Out in the Market Place


ZCC’s provides top of the range UC functionality with a large number of unique features.

Rich Presence, for example, delivers real-time views based on a user’s phone, mouse and keyboard activity (in addition to calendar data), and shows an accurate picture of everybody’s whereabouts. Even if users forget to change their settings when they return to the office, Presence automatically picks up that they are contactable again at their desk. Everybody benefits from real-time communications.

Our Unified Contact Center solution has won awards around the world for smart features like ‘live monitoring’ that lets agents and management create superior performance in the contact center.

Operator Console lets receptionists handle large volumes of calls. They can deliver an efficient and friendly service as they see caller details on their screen. Calls are easily overflowed to back-up operators, reducing the numbers of abandoned calls and increasing customer satisfaction.

* Traps for Young Players #1 – Future-proof your solution. Many UC providers run their products only on their own proprietary hardware. ZCC runs on NEC, Cisco and Avaya communications platforms and is compatible with Microsoft OCS. Whether you prefer the network or the peer-to-peer approach, the PBX or the IP PBX, ZCC will fit – reducing the need for ‘rip and replace’.

** Traps for Young Players #2 – Be cautious when buying cheap. Some providers offer basic phone systems that are considered very cost effective. When the customer adds applications such as a contact center however, which don’t sit on the switch, their solution suddenly becomes much more expensive than ZCC. Buy a ‘shrink wrapped’ ZCC solution, and you keep costs low as you grow.