Avaya Support: Frequently asked questions for Avaya IP Office telephone systems:

1. I have no dial tone, my phone is dead

Try plugging someone else’s phone into your wall socket – if it works there maybe a fault with your phone. If it doesn’t work the wall point maybe disconnected from the PABX. Your administrator should be able to repatch this. Alternatively your extension may need to be reprogrammed.

2. We are not receiving calls in and can not make calls out. However we can dial internally

Internal extension to extension calls usually means the PABX is functioning. The external lines maybe down. Check/replug ISDN PRI or BRI Cable(s). Check Sync light on NTU. Reboot PABX to reset interfaces. Failing this contact your Carrier and report there is a fault on your lines (if you are a Telstra customer GlobalTalk can do this for you).

3. I can hear callers but they can not hear me

Check Mute isn’t on. Also test the handset and the headset separately as one maybe faulty. A good way to check is to try plugging someone else’s phone into your wall socket and see if their phone experiences the same problem.

4. When people try to call me they get an engaged signal

Your telephone may be in DND (Do Not Disturb mode)

5. The Red light stays on my phone all the time and I don’t have any voicemail messages

Unplug the handset from the wall. Wait 15 seconds and plug it back in. Failing this – are you part of a hunt group? If so you may have a hunt group voicemail message. Usually *99 gives you access to voicemail. Enter the hunt group number and pass code (defaults are 1234, 2468 or 1357).

6. I am an agent and am not receiving any calls

Your telephone may be in DND (Do Not Disturb mode). You may not be logged in, Log out and back in. Be sure you are logged into all groups.

8. Calls are ringing on all phones rather than coming through to the correct group or person

The PABX might be stuck in Night Mode (Night Switch). Have your administrator revert it back to day mode.

9. When people leave a voicemail message for me an automated greeting is heard even though I have recorded a greeting

If you have purchased Voicemail Pro and are running Intuity mode, you may need to ‘Activate’ your greeting. Menu option 3,3,3. Refer to the “Voicemail Pro Intuity Mode” mailbox menu options.

10. When customers calls Queue they hear an automated voice tell them they are in a queue rather than the company prompting and music

If there is no customer Queue or Still Queue recording made the default automated voice is played. GlobalTalk can help you recording personalised messages

11. How do I record a Voicemail Greeting, After Hours Greeting, Queue or Still Queue Message

Instructions for Voicemail Prompting can be found on our website. It is important to determine what voicemail system and mode you have. Options are: Embedded Voicemail, Voicemail Lite, Voicemail Pro IP Office Mode, Voicemail Pro Intuity Mode.

12. The name on my phone is incorrect

This can be easily renamed by your administrator

13. When I am on a call some of the conversation goes missing

If the caller is on a Mobile phone missing conversation is common. They should call back when they have better reception. If you or the caller are on an IP Handset, missing conversation can be due to problems in the IP network. If these problems are frequent they should be reported to you system administrator.

14. We can’t call our other offices/branches

If a Telstra Message is heard then there is a problem with the public network. If you have tie-lines between offices these may need to be reset. See you administrator, they may be able to reboot the pabx to reset the interfaces.