Frequently asked questions for Samsung telephone systems:

1. How do I change the time on my Samsung Phone System?

With handset on Hook

  1. Press Transfer and dial 200
  2. Enter the password 1234 (default password)
  3. Press 1 to enable customer programming
  4. Press Speaker to access programming
  5. Dial 505
  6. Enter new time and date from keypad using format below
  • W: Day of the week (0-Sun, 1-Mon, 2-Tues etc.)
  • MM: Month (01-12)
  • DD: Day
  • YY: Year (05)
  • HH: Hours (24 hour clock)
  • MM: Minutes

7. Press Transfer to store the programming change

2. How do I make a conference call on my Samsung Phone System?

Conference Call Instructions

  1. While engaged in a conversation, press the CONF key (on the display of the phone) & receive Conference tone
  2. Make another call, either internal or external, press the CONF key and receive Conference Tone
  3. Make another call or press the CONF key to join all parties
  4. Repeat the last step until all parties are added

NOTE: When attempting to add another party to the conversation and you are not able to reach the desired person, hang up. Simply press the CONF key again to return to your previous conversation.

To drop a party from your conference call:

  • Press the CONF and dial the extension or line number that is to be dropped
  • Press CONF again to reestablish the conference

NOTE: To leave the conference, hang up. Control is passed to the next internal station. If there are no internal stations and you wish to leave the outside lines connected together in a trunk or trunk conference, press the CONF key and the call button that the call appears on or follow the instructions to drop a party and use your extension number. When they hang up the lines will release automatically. Press CONF key to rejoin Trunk to trunk conference.