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If you have to close your office, and staff work from home, we have a solution that we can deploy in 48 hours

Service Agreements

Ask yourself the question. Is your telephone system one of your business mission critical applications?

  • Is it important that the company that services your phone system carries spare parts locally (close at hand)?
  • Is it important that the engineers who work on your system are accredited by the manufacturer, and that the accreditation is regularly reviewed?
  • And when you have an incident, is it important that your call is answered any time of day? And prompt onsite technical help availabillity?

If yes, then for Business Continuity, you should have a Service Level Agreement with GlobalTalk. Complete Support for your business. GlobalTalk provides Service Level Agreements for all 8×8, Ring Central, Samsung and Avaya Communications Systems.

  • Our Avaya Technical Engineers have the highest level of product expertise in Australia. Avaya Technical Help Desk is provided
  • GlobalTalk is a Samsung OfficeServ accredited Technical EXPERT as well

The main elements of the Phone System Support Agreement

  • Hardware Replacement – same day
  • Guaranteed contracted response times
  • Software Upgrades / Updates
  • Access to Fully Accredited Technical staff
  • 24/7 access to our Technical Help Desk
  • Account Management
  • Regular system back ups

GlobalTalk Customer Service Agreements

In your day to day business, communications with customers and suppliers, and your own in-house

communications are often mission-critical. Globaltalk’s service philosophy is to provide products and services that enhance your business, and deliver to you a competitive edge.

We will keep you updated with the ever-changing world of business and technology by providing you with the latest information and feature-enhancements that will add value to your business.

We will act as the one-stop shop for all communications-related issues, including services like Telstra Fixed Line Services, Mobiles, Broadband/DSL and VPN’s.

Our Agreement also includes extended product and labour warranties, and the option to exclude or include handsets, training and software upgrades. This will reduce your costs, while providing coverage only for your specific requirements.



Service Package

We recommend a full service package, However, we recognise that needs and requirements differ from one business to another. So, we have itemized the package allowing you to select the options that are best suited to your business requirements.

Globaltalk will liaise with Telstra, other Service Providers and any Contracted Personnel required via our Account Managers and Help Desk, to ensure effective and efficient communication for your staff.


  • Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty – Core Equipment
  • Quarterly Back-up
  • Account Management Services
  • Business hours (08:30am – 17:00pm Mon-Fri)

SILVER PLAN (includes bronze plan)

  • Remote diagnostics – Limit 12 per Annum
  • Software Upgrades

GOLD PLAN (includes Silver and Bronze plans)

  • Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty – Handsets
  • Remote diagnostics – Unlimited