Need to move your phone system?

Relocating your business is a large undertaking and making sure you have communication on the day you are open for business is only a small part of what is needed. GlobalTalk has vast experience with relocating phone systems or assisting new businesses starting up in a new location. We have all the areas of the project covered, from new phone systems, cabling, connecting new lines with Telstra or Optus or redirecting or cancelling old numbers. Our consultants will help you determine the necessary carriage for your business so that you are well covered and always accessible.  We manage the project in totality providing the one-stop shop for your telecommunications needs when relocating or starting up.

Phone System relocation services include:
  • Onsite technical support

  • Project Management and advice

  • New Phone System or Relocation of current Phone System installation & training

  • Cabling/Structured Wiring

  • Telstra or Optus management

  • New Telephone Line/s connections with Telstra, Optus etc

  • New Broadband/Data Services

  • New Phone Numbers

  • Diversion of Old Numbers

  • Cancellation of Old Numbers/Lines